School Programs


Hands in Knot (full frame)


A series of collaborative games and problem-solving activities that build leadership and group work skills.

Grade: 4 – 12

Cost per class:

  • Half-Day On-Campus: $475

  • Full Day On-Campus: $650

  • Full Day Off-Campus: $1,200 (includes transportation)



Spring 2008

Common Ground

Common Ground is a day-long student relations retreat to address bullying, social-emotional development, and conflict resolution.

Grade: 3 – 12

Cost per class:

  • On-Campus: $350

  • Off-Campus: Variable, depending on group size & location




Fire makers

Primitive Skills

We offer a range of Primitive Skills activities such as Fire-making, cordage, tracking, survival skills, edible plants that align with CA State Standards in Social Studies and Science.

Grade: 4 – 8

Cost per class: Variable, depending on group size & location







For more information about any program from The Wildwoods Foundation, please contact our Program Coordinator.