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A Drop in the Bucket is provided at the Vista Hermosa Natural Park – or on your campus.

Park Site

a3Reservations for A Drop in the Bucket at the Vista Hermosa Natural Park are available on a first come – first served basis using the online reservation system below or by sending an email to  All requests will be honored as availability allows.  Please note that there is a two class (70 students) maximum per reservation.  Park site programs begin at 10 a.m. unless otherwise requested. Wildwoods does not provide bus transportation to our park site programs.


Our DropMobile is available to bring A Drop in the Bucket to your campus. Please use the booking calendar belowDropmobile or reach out to our Program Coordinator  There is a minimum requirement of 4 participating classes to book the DropMobile.

A Drop in the Bucket is available free to all schools within the LADWP service area.  There is limited funding to provide the program to schools outside of the district.  If you are in a nearby city and interested in taking part, please contact our Program Coordinator.


A Drop in the Bucket doesn’t begin or end with our visit to your campus.  The curriculum is intended to support grade 4 – 6 academic standards and provide students exposure to the “cross-cutting concepts” that are at the heart of the Next Generation Science Standards.  To help you consider how to best prep your students for our program (and to plan how to reinforce those concepts back in the classroom), please download Alignment with Next Generation Science Standards.

Also, please take advantage of these teacher and student post-program activity guides provided by permission of the National Environmental Education Foundation.  They provide an easy, step-by-step guide for students to conduct a campus water audit as well as a home water audit.  These are great project-based learning activities that include data collection, observation, and solution-planning.

Finally, we want to share our Water Jeopardy game with you.  It’s a great way to review the water science explored during the program, and kids LOVE it.  You can create your own questions once your students have learned this information.

Reservation Calendar

Important: A Drop in the Bucket Program is available to schools located within the LADWP service area in the city of Los Angeles.  About 85% ofLAUSD schools are within this area.  Some schools in LAUSD are located within other cities or unincorporated LA County, mainly in some eastern and southern portions of the district. (These schools are not eligible to participate.)  Almost all LAUSD schools in the San Fernando Valley are in the city of Los Angeles except for elementary and middle schools located in the city of San Fernando and also Topanga School.  Click here to see a map of eligible areas.  If your school is within one of the 15 LA City Council Districts, then you are eligible.

Please Note: The form below requires a comprehensive list of information, including participating teachers’ names, email and phone number.

If you are booking multiple dates, you will need to book them one date at a time. Plus, you must refresh the page after each booking to regenerate the calendar.

If you have any questions or need additional information about the program, please contact our Program Coordinator.

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Vista Hermosa at dawn


With a spectacular view of the downtown Los Angeles skyline as a backdrop, A Drop in the Bucket is based at the beautiful Vista Hermosa Natural Park 100 N. Toluca St., Los Angeles, CA 90026.  

Built on reclaimed land in downtown Los Angeles, the park is a living metaphor for the delicate urban ecosystem we have created in Southern California.


View Vista Hermosa on a larger map.

A Drop in the Bucket is made possible through the generous support of the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power 

and the collaboration of the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority.