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A Drop in the Bucket

A Drop in the Bucket, the Wildwoods Water Program is a FREE 90-minute standards-aligned school program for grades 4 – 6.

Using hands-on learning activities to help students learn about local, regional and global water issues, A Drop in the Bucket combines Earth Sciences Life Sciences and Social Sciences.  A Drop in the Bucket is engaging, interactive, energetic and fun.

Students learn about the water cycle, water sources in Southern California and how their own behavior impacts water quality and availability.  At the conclusion of the program, students and teachers take away new ideas about how they can conserve water at home and at school.

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A Drop in the Bucket is made possible through the generous support of the
and the collaboration of the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority.

Important: A Drop in the Bucket Program is available to schools located within the LADWP service area in the city of Los Angeles.  About 85% ofLAUSD schools are within this area.  Some schools in LAUSD are located within other cities or unincorporated LA County, mainly in some eastern and southern portions of the district. (These schools are not eligible to participate.)  Almost all LAUSD schools in the San Fernando Valley are in the city of Los Angeles except for elementary and middle schools located in the city of San Fernando and also Topanga School.  Click here to see a map of eligible areas.  If your school is within one of the 15 LA City Council Districts, then you are eligible.


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