Nature Heals.  Nature Teaches.  Nature Inspires.

Every Kid Needs Nature.

But Not Every Kid Has Access.


Paseo Family by bus

At The Wildwoods Foundation, we believe that the lessons of nature can help us build more resilient families and more sustainable communities. That’s why our school and family programs feature an outdoor, nature exploration experience.

But first, we have to overcome one of the toughest barriers to equitable access to nature for urban children and families: transportation.

Year after year, the cost of transportation is one of our greatest expenses. We believe it’s an investment worth making.

This year, we are reaching out to ask for help. We have launched the Get Kids Outdoors campaign to establish a transportation fund to cover those costs.

You can help us reach more children and families and provide the opportunity for connecting to the natural world.

Just $10 puts a kid on a bus. $350 pays for a field trip.

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