Too many awkward run-away, third-wheel, and homeboy hugs in your life and not enough hugging people with their eyes closed? Take a step out if you need a hug ceremony!

Calling All Oakgrove Alumni to reunite at our annual Alumni Retreat!

Saturday, July 8. 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Griffith Park Visitor’s Center.

Click here to reserve your space now.

Scholarships are available for college students.  Click here for application.

Whether an alumni of Venice, Miguel Contreras, or John Marshall, join us for a day of reconnecting with old classmates and meeting fellow alumni spanning generations of former Oakgrove campers and council members.

Anyone who has attended Oakgrove knows how important it can be for high school students to have a place to confront issues and figure out how to navigate such a turbulent part of life. Life didn’t stop after high school and neither did Oakgrove.

Alumni retreats are held in order to give the same space to people who now live complex adult lives which are still filled with happiness, sadness, growth, and conflict. This day-long retreat will bring back many of the same meaningful activities tailored to people living post-high school, adult lives, including panels, trust groups, the Step-out, and more!

Self-reflection, self-care, and self-improvement are still integral to all of our lives, as well as meeting people outside our bubble and stepping out of our comfort zones. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience Oakgrove again and connect with people through sharing, listening, laughing, and the silences that are never awkward.

Get your Warm Fuzzy bags ready!